medeConnect's experience team of researchers will design programmes using both primary and secondary research to provide recommendations for strategic planning.

This can include running workshops with stakeholders prior to the research to define the needs of each group to ensure the research answers all the questions.

Debrief workshops or internal conference presentations to provide our recommendations for the identified strategy.

We have a strong portfolio of techniques
to meet the market's needs

  • Omnibus
  • Message testing and optimisation
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Market landscaping and segmentation

  • Multichannel and digital consultancy
  • Online and f2f discussion groups
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Online bulletin boards

  • Social media
  • Message and material development
  • KOL mapping
  • Advanced methods

Case study - Digital behaviour preferences

1. Business needs

  • In pre-launch phase our client challenged medeConnect to evaluate multi-channel preferences for its wide range of stakeholders in a key therapy area

2. Methodology

  • Initial client workshop and TDIs to understand current knowledge and view of multichannel promotion
  • Online bulletin board with physicians and nurses
  • Face to face duos and trios with physicians, specialist nurses, practice nurses and patients
  • Client workshop to facilitate adoption of findings into concrete brand plans

3. Actionable outcomes

  • Provided clear guidance for digital component of multi-channel promotional strategy including virtual reps
  • Challenged internal stakeholders views