GP omnibus

GP omnibus

A monthly online questionnaire, made of multiple customer questions, checking GP opinion in a cost effective controlled environment.

A sample of 1,000 regionally representative GPs completing a monthly questionnaire conducted in line with MRS and BHBIA guidelines.

All respondents will be currently practising UK GPs from GP Registrar, GP Partner/ Principals and Non-Principal GP who are members of the GMC.

Why use the GP omnibus?

Flexibility of approach

  • Per question cost
  • Multiple client buy-in = economies of scale for all
  • Opportunity to track GP perceptions over time through commissioning multiple waves

Quality of sample

  • Regular validation with all members against General Medical Council (GMC) number means you are assured that all respondents are practicing doctors

Speed of fieldwork

  • Clients are able to make business decisions within a timescale normally associated with 200 GPs rather than 1,000 giving a much stronger validation to decision making


  • medeConnect has been running its GP omnibus for over 7 years and has many repeat clients including pharmaceutical companies, charities and advocacy groups
  • Skilled team of market researchers and operations staff

Case study - GP omnibus

1. Business needs

  • Client wished to undertake a large scale study pre and post launch of medical device to be used by GPs
  • Limited budget

2. Methodology

  • Three waves were run through the online GP omnibus which provides 1,000 regionally representative responses
  • Post waves were matched against client list to provide comparison between those GPs who had been visited by rep and those who had not

3. Actionable outcomes

  • Provided the client with a large scale sample which allowed for tracking of device usage and message recall