Custom tracking

Custom tracking

medeConnect has over 10 years experience in tracking studies involving physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

Tracking studies are designed to address Stage 4 of the Brand/ product planning cycle

Tracking helps monitor the performance of the brand

Tracking compliments other data sources (sales, IMS etc) to determine whether a brand is on its way to meeting the objectives detailed in the brand plan.

Brand/ product planning cycle

Use medeConnect tracking studies to better inform business intelligence and decision making

Our tracking studies are used to:

  • understand how your (and competitor) activity is impacting on HCP behaviour, enabling you to act on this knowledge
  • directly address your business objectives due to their bespoke design for Pfizer.

Types of tracking medeConnect runs include:

Marcomms tracking

  • recall of marketing activity (reps, edetails, etc) and associated message recall
  • understand how marketing activity is being received by HCPs
  • determine other factors influencing HCPs knowledge and awareness
  • assess the level of product differentiation vs competitors.

Patient record studies

  • capture actual patient treatment and prescribing
  • compliments knowledge around perceived clinical practice.

Case study - pre-launch market understanding

1. Business needs

  • Client has a biologic in a market facing increasing biosimilar competition in addition to rival originator products
  • The brand team needed to measure relative market share in a number of indications, separating out originator and biosimilar products

2. Methodology

  • Online quantitative interviews with relevant specialists
  • Long running tracker showing comparative data over multiple waves

3. Actionable outcomes

  • Generated key market share data on an ongoing basis
  • Depicted brand progress in separate indications